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March 6, 2009

Blurred Surfer

Blurred Surfer

I made the leap to a DSLR in 2005 with the Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D.  The photo ops that pushed the limits of my 7D and lens combination were lowlight with alot of movement.  I took a bunch of pictures that I knew weren’t great but they had potential if I knew how to work with them.   Surfing subjects within an hour of sunset were a challenge.  I could push the ISO up to 1600 but I wasn’t happy with those results.  The highest I would go was ISO 800 with my 28-200 Sigma at full zoom.  With the lens as wide as it would go the best shutter speeds I could get were 45th or 60th of a sec. After my initial post processing I set those pics aside to wait for a better day.  Today is the day for one of them.  With recent upgrades in both hardware and software plus additional skill with the software (Lightroom and Photoshop), I’m revisiting those early efforts.   What ya think?


July 19, 2008

Be there

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“F8 and be there” is the kind of photographer I am. That’s particularly true when we had a family friend visiting recently. Along a portion of Koko Head is a section of ledges. With light swells it makes a nice place to walk, sunbathe and swim.
After walking a short distance from a place called China Walls, a section of ledges were occupied by a group of sunbathers and fisherman. Occasionally, a swell rolled past us until it hit the ledges sending up a white fan of spray behind the group (as we faced them). After trying to capture it with my wide angle lens, I changed to my zoom.
Naturally, after changing lens, I had to wait, and wait, and wait some more!! Finally I got a swell that hit the ledge at the right angle to cause the splash.

Surf spraying behind bathers at Koko Kai Ledges

Surf spraying behind bathers at Koko Kai Ledges

June 17, 2008

Where is the Launch pad for paragliders on Makapu

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Saw this as a query on my stats page. The answer is there’s more than one. The limiter is how the wind is blowing. Here’s a fuzzy picture of a PG launching from tomato juice on Fathers day. It’s just above Sea Life Park. Also Makapu’u is spelled with two U’s and a glottal stop.

If you want to see more launches just click over to the paraglider galleries at my smugmug site.

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