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September 10, 2014

Rain Behind Olomana

I took a series of portrait shots almost a year ago to create this panorama.  They’ve been dormant on my hard drive, waiting for me to rediscover them.

  Rain Behind Olomana

March 12, 2012

Beach Day

This is a pic I got almost three years ago.  As you can see it was a beautiful day.  We’d recently gotten a lot of rain.  You can see the effects of the runoff with the slightly discolored water along the beach in the lower left.  The trade shower is about to drop its water on the Marine Corps Base.  Last Tuesday the Base got pummeled with an intense Lightning storm that dropped hail on the base and on Kailua.  A funnel cloud formed just about where this trade shower is in the pic.  It came ashore at Lanikai and voila it becomes a 25 yard wide tornado and went inland a couple of miles before falling apart in Kailua.

Beach Day

December 6, 2010

Run Off

Run Off

April 27, 2010

Taking Off

For the first time in several months we finally had a weekend of good weather for Hang Gliding.  I’ve been going back to hang glider launches I’ve photographed previously looking for candidates for creating a sequence shot.  It’s a technique of shooting a series of images combined into one image to show the subject captured in successive motion. When I took launch shots I hadn’t done it with the intent of creating a sequence image. Here was a chance to do it from scratch.  To take the images you need a tripod and a photo editing program to combine the images.  If you’d like to learn how to create one, the SanDisk Extreme Team has a video describing the process on their Facebook page.

 Taking off

December 10, 2009

I’m Gonna be Famous!

Here’s an Ad layout that Wills Wing is using to promote one of their Hang Gliders.  It’s a picture I took back in April of one of my Hang Gliding friends taking off from the launch platform above Waimanalo.  It’s appearing in the December issue of Hang Gliding and Paragliding magazine.

Dec ad NEW FINAL (4)

June 9, 2009

Cloud Base

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Cloud Base

January 20, 2009

Human Flight

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Human Flight

January 8, 2009

Windows Live Writer

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  This afternoon I downloaded the new program from Microsoft that’s part of their Windows Live Essentials Suite.  My initial impression is how easy to sync with my WordPress blog.  The layout is clear ,uncluttered and all the commands are easy to see or find and use.Launching Kenny

When you set it up it allows you to download the blog template you use on the blog.   Inserting a picture is easy.  Once inserted you can control the size, the type of border (this one has a drop shadow). a margin, text wrapping, and add a watermark.  You can also change the picture to black and white or sepia; add sharpening or gaussian blur; and a few more effects.

I certainly like this over directly posting within the Dashboard or using Scribefire (my Firefox Add-on).

Plus, I can do something nifty, like add a map just for the heck of it.

Map picture

You can also add plug-ins.  Give it a look you might like.

September 7, 2008

Hand Held

Here’s a cropped shot I took yesterday. I’m standing on the ridge above Waimanalo at about 1100 ft. One of the outrigger canoe clubs was practicing out on the bay. They are about a mile from me.

This was with my BIG lens 🙂 an AF Tokina 80-400 1/320 at f/9.0 ISO 200 on my Sony a700. I could’ve gone for a higher shutter speed but I think the larger aperture reduces the sharpness in the higher humidity and distance. Plus the bright light reflecting off white surfaces adds to the diffusion. I didn’t use a polarizer because it reduces the f-stop. Plus I find the filter further reduces the image sharpness at full zoom. I forgot to mention the trades are blowing in my face at about 15 mph.

By the way, this image was processed and outputted with Lightroom.

Outrigger crews working out

Outrigger crews working out

April 27, 2008

O Voggy Day

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One thing we don’t lack in Hawaii is bright light. But there are exceptions. Like when the wind is coming from the south. It’s called Kona winds. Natural air pollution from the Kilauea Volcano brings a condition called Vog to the other Islands in the chain. Such has been the problem several times during April.

Kilauea’s fumes over Hawaii a concern

Here’s how it looked Yesterday on Kamehame Ridge overlooking Waimanalo.
Voggy Day on Oahu

I think the Vog got to my 7D. It’s giving me strange Apertures and Shutter speeds( 500/10,500/18,640/10). I hope it isn’t allergic?!

By the way this is how it usually looks.
Taking Flight

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