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April 6, 2012

Ready to go

Ready to go

May 10, 2011

Almost Down

If you take a lot of photos it’s always worthwhile to go back to previous years.    
Your photo eye has certainly improved since you took your earlier images. Plus, if you use Lightroom, as I do, or Aperture.   It’s an opportunity to rework an image that might have been so so at the time.

Almost Set

December 30, 2010

Water Fun

Water fun

January 18, 2010

At the beach

Shadows of Hnag Gliders moving across Makapuu Beach

January 1, 2010

New Years Eve

 Wind surfing New years eve

December 30, 2009

When it comes together

Over the past four years I’ve taken tens of thousands of pictures.  The vast majority are action photos, such as, baseball, surfing, volleyball, hang gliding and paragliding. While I’ve got a decent camera and lenses, they certainly are not top of the line. This means I’m pushing my equipment, specifically the lenses, to the max.  For instance, capturing movement of a paraglider or hang glider while hand holding your camera on a windy ledge can be a challenge.  Hitting that sweet spot between the camera, lens, subject and light makes for a gratifying moment.  The picture for this post is an example of that moment.  What caught my attention is a combination of things. First the exposure was spot on. Shooting a flying subject whose background can change from a blue sky, to a white or gray cloud, to a dark green or light brown island means the exposure can be all over the place. Since I’m shooting in shutter priority I need to set my exposure compensation accordingly.  Usually I need to adjust exposure in post processing in Lightroom. Not in this case.  Here, I  kicked up the blacks to increase the contrast and bring out the blue in the water and the greens and browns of Rabbit Island.  Plus, I increased the highlights in the Tone Curve to bring out the brightness of the island.  Next is the sharpness of all the elements.  The paraglider is the main subject and needs to be in focus.  I like having other elements in focus. Assuming they add a sense of depth and space and don’t distract.  Here Rabbit Island and the surrounding water is as sharp as the paraglider and adds to the sense of clarity I remember.


Paraglider at Rabbit Island

September 7, 2008

Hand Held

Here’s a cropped shot I took yesterday. I’m standing on the ridge above Waimanalo at about 1100 ft. One of the outrigger canoe clubs was practicing out on the bay. They are about a mile from me.

This was with my BIG lens 🙂 an AF Tokina 80-400 1/320 at f/9.0 ISO 200 on my Sony a700. I could’ve gone for a higher shutter speed but I think the larger aperture reduces the sharpness in the higher humidity and distance. Plus the bright light reflecting off white surfaces adds to the diffusion. I didn’t use a polarizer because it reduces the f-stop. Plus I find the filter further reduces the image sharpness at full zoom. I forgot to mention the trades are blowing in my face at about 15 mph.

By the way, this image was processed and outputted with Lightroom.

Outrigger crews working out

Outrigger crews working out

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