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January 18, 2010

At the beach

Shadows of Hnag Gliders moving across Makapuu Beach

July 25, 2008

Layered Landscape

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I don’t recall which magazine I saw the tip in (PopPhoto,Shutterbug,or Outdoor)but one of them used the phrase “layered landscape”. The idea being to how to show depth in your image. This was in relation to color but I think shadow works too.

View of Waimanalo Beach

View of Waimanalo Beach

July 4, 2008

Balancing Act

Taking a picture is a matter of finding the right balance of elements. The right balance of light/dark, highlight/shadow, balancing complimentary colors. The composition of the picture is a matter of balance. Finding the most important part and placing it in the most effective place within the picture. It’s an AHA! moment when you get them all right.

When I took up photography, beyond point and shoot, in the days of film. The photography books I read provided advice for balancing. Using the right film speed, using neutral density and/or color filters, and bracketing. While I never developed my own film. I’m sure that required a balance of chemicals, paper and time.

Digital cameras make balancing “easier”. With HDR “High Dynamic Range”, bracketing an image with multiple exposures and then blending them together on a computer creates a better balanced image.
My Sony a700 comes with a feature called DRO (D-Range Optimizer) which tries to do the same thing within the camera. It won’t be long before camera sensors will be capturing in image without the need for bracketing. They will reproduce how our eyes “see”. “WYSIWYG” will come to photography.

At that point we’ll start using all those filter to create images we don’t normally see!

Hang Glider flying above Makapuu Beach

Hang Glider flying above Makapuu Beach

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