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January 7, 2009



December 6, 2008


No, this post isn’t about the virtues of taking a nap. Although I heartily recommend you take one on a regular basis. This is about the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

Being a bit of a computer geek since the mid 80’s I knew about Photoshop and it’s reputation as the top graphics and image editing tool. Since my needs in that area were decidedly modest I had no need or desire to spend the considerable amount to get the program. Then digital photography came on the scene along with a timely discount offer for Photoshop 7. Talk about serendipity.

Using Photoshop for the first time is like getting thrown into the deep end of the pool, without getting swimming lessons first. I quickly came to realize the Photoshop motto should be “Why do it just one way, when a half dozen different ways will do.”

This is where NAPP comes into the story. I bought several books to help me but NAPP had short bite size tutorials designed to show you how to create a specific effect in Photoshop. Learn by doing. What’s more the website had video tutorials that you could watch! Neat!

I created the border around the picture you see below by watching a video by R.C. Concepcion on the website. Thank you R.C.

While I’ve found Photoshop useful in my photography, Lightroom really greased the wheels of my pursuit of improvement. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts. NAPP has plenty of resources to help you with Lightroom as well.

There’s a lot more available to you so take a look and if you like what you see click on this link to sign up.
Refer a Friend You’ll get “The Best of Photoshop User: The Tenth Year” DVD as a bonus gift.

One more thing, I realize it’s called National Association of Photoshop Professionals. Therefore, you need to be making a living using Photoshop. Nope. You just need the desire to improve. NAPP will help you do that.

China Walls at Sunset

November 11, 2008

Photoshop World

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NAPP is promoting the next Photoshop World in February in Boston with a Top Ten List of reasons why you should go.
Here’s Number Ten

August 6, 2008

Photo Walk

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Scott Kelby (The man from NAPP) is organizing a worldwide photo walk for August 23rd. This man does not think small. People are volunteering to lead a walk in various cities. If your going to be in Honolulu and like to take part you can sign up here. There’s one for Hana and Lahaina. If you want to know more Worlwide Photo Walk has a short video by Scott and Matt describing the day. Plus you can find a list of the cities already hosting. If you want to volunteer to lead one in your city, there still might be time to sign up.

Photography can be such an individual pursuit so here’s an opportunity to socialize with other fine,fine people.

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