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February 26, 2020

CH 53

September 10, 2014

Rain Behind Olomana

I took a series of portrait shots almost a year ago to create this panorama.  They’ve been dormant on my hard drive, waiting for me to rediscover them.

  Rain Behind Olomana

September 5, 2014


I’ve been using the Sony a77 M2 for over a month.  With many new features compared to the a700, I’m still in the learning mode.  Occasionally, I’ve tried the in camera HDR feature. Strictly speaking it isn’t a new feature. My Konica Minolta 7D had a similar option. Yesterday, I was taking pics of my paragliding friends launching from a spot above Makapuu Beach.  It was late in the day and the launch was in shadow.  I decided to try HDR to see how it balances the shadow side with the brighter side of the scene compared to a RAW image.  The shot below is the result.


HDR at Crazy's


Here, as in other HDR images I’ve made, the colors are stronger. The greens are more intense than the RAW version. The blues are deeper.  Plus, the image is sharper without being over sharpened.  Below, is a pic taken in RAW and exported as a JPEG from a moment before.  While it did a good job handling the shadows, the colors are muted.(Or more realistic.)


HDR at Crazy's raw


The only adjustments I’ve made to the pics was standard sharpening upon import to Lightroom.  I also used a graduated filter in the sky to bring out the clouds.

August 21, 2014

Wide or Less Wide

Here’s a recent image of a vista I see regularly.  It’s the landing zone for the hang gliding pilots. I get to see it under many different conditions from early morning to late afternoon. I tend to prefer wide shots.  I find they express my impression of a location better.  Here, I wanted to capture the expanse of clouds moving over the land and the rain at Waimanalo Beach.

Waimanalo Beach Rain

That doesn’t mean I don’t work the area looking for other possibilities.


Waimanalo Beach Rain close up

October 7, 2013

Summer Squall

Summer Squall

Talk about take it and forget it.   I grabbed a series of shots for a panorama of this rain squall over Kaneohe on a July day in 2011.

July 7, 2013


This isn’t a complaint about construction.   In this case it refers to what happens when trades are light and the land in central Oahu heats up during the day.  Clouds build up and heavy downpours can occur.  Hang gliders and paragilders avoid these conditions. Updrafts under these clouds can ruin their day.


April 7, 2012

Vog and Clouds

This is from April 2008  when days of Kona Trades brought Vog from the volcano activity on the Big Island.  Between the Vog and the overdevelopment of the clouds over Waimanalo the air was thick on this afternoon.

Vog and Clouds

March 21, 2011

Surf with a view

Surf with a view

March 11, 2011

Next Day

For the second time in  13 months Hawaii dodged a Tsunami bullet.  Last year it was an earthquake off the coast of Chile.  This time a terrible earthquake off Japan made for anxious hours in the Sandwich Isles.  Unlike last year, we didn’t come thru completely unscathed.  State estimates tsunami damage at $3 million or more but that’s just a scratch compared to Japan’s troubles.  This afternoon I got up Kamehame Ridge.  As usual the view was beautiful and only someone with a practiced eye would notice the additional Tsunami induced swirl of sand out in Waimanalo Bay.


 Next Day

P.S. For you Magnum PI fans please note the Robin Masters Estate in the lower right hand corner of this pic with the old turtle pond in front.

December 10, 2009

I’m Gonna be Famous!

Here’s an Ad layout that Wills Wing is using to promote one of their Hang Gliders.  It’s a picture I took back in April of one of my Hang Gliding friends taking off from the launch platform above Waimanalo.  It’s appearing in the December issue of Hang Gliding and Paragliding magazine.

Dec ad NEW FINAL (4)

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