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August 8, 2015

Waiting it Out

This week we had a drive by Hurricane, turned Tropical Storm, finally dying out as a Tropical Depression. The only significant weather phenomenon from it was an easterly surf swell not usually seen here. Most of the time it’s a Trade Wind swell not storm generated. Plus, the direction allowed for surfing in spots that rarely get good action.   This shot was taken looking across to Makapuu Lighthouse.  The surfer paused, waiting for a good moment to walk the rest of the way on the rocks and into the surf.

Waiting it Out

January 13, 2013

Cloud Front

While taking the photos for this panorama, a hiker fell about 40 feet on the opposite side of Makapuu Point.  I didn’t know that until the HFD showed up to stage the helicopter at the hang gliders LZ nearby. By then the clouds and rain enveloped Makapuu Point and HFD Rescue had to deal with that while picking up the injured hiker.



Cloud Front

June 3, 2012

Inside the Makapuu Lighthouse

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This is what it looks like standing inside the French Fresnel hyper-radial lens at the Makapuu Lighthouse. 

Inside Makapuu Lighthouse


Photo Courtesy Bill Hockensmith

May 4, 2012

Because I haven’t posted in a while


Scuba Sand

November 29, 2011

Up High

If you look closely you’ll see a little dot in the upper right of the picture near the top edge.  The hang glider is over 2000 feet high.



November 20, 2011

How they do that

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If you’re a fan of Hawaii Five-O in it’s current form you’ve seen those flyover sequences of Oahu.  Several times I’ve seen the helicopter flying over Oahu that films them.  I was at Makapuu in January when the Paradise helicopter flew past.  This shot  shows the helicopter moving around the Makapuu Lighthouse.  Just under the nose is the housing containing the camera

How they do that

May 23, 2011

Molokai Channel Rainbow


Molokai Channel Rainbow

April 23, 2011

Sunrise 1

Sunrise 1

April 18, 2011

Fishing Before Moonrise

Fishing Before Moonrise

February 28, 2011

Wide View

No Parking-1

No Parking-1

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