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March 2, 2013


A continuous source of discussion is to ask do you shoot RAW or JPG. Either is a valid option. One can be a better choice in a given situation than the other.   Here’s a situation for which I’m glad I shot RAW.  This is  a panorama I created from a series of photos I took five years ago.  At the time I wasn’t thinking of making a panorama. DUH!  The cloud formation attracted my attention. In addition the water was calm and reflective. Fortunately, I had my 17-35mm lens on and had worked the scene for several images at the widest angle. By doing so, I inadvertently provided myself with enough images for a panorama five years later. (Which is a good tip to keep in mind in the future!) In addition, I shot in RAW, so I could manipulate the images without worrying about loss of image quality. Remember, RAW contains all the original data recorded by the sensor while JPG throws out data at the time of creation because it compresses the data.  What you see here is a high quality JPG image from the Photoshop file created by blending the original RAW shots together to make the panorama.  Would this image be perceptively worse if the original images had been JPG’s? Viewing on a computer monitor perhaps not. However, if you wanted to print (Yes, he did use the P word) this and put it on a wall, the higher the quality the better the color gamut and the larger a print you can make.

  What's God spelling

May 27, 2012

Water Rocks Sand

Water Rocks Sand

May 6, 2012

Sky Writing

This is a shot I got a few years ago out my back door.  The sky wasn’t this red.  This is courtesy of a Lightroom Preset called COL Deviant. It was a nice orange glow but the preset brings out the shape of the clouds. The clouds looked like God attempted to send us a message but perhaps it was backward.  Maybe it was a Rorschach test!?


Sky Writing

February 5, 2009

360 POV

This evening was a Sunset Photo Op.  I got some nice ones from the Koko Head promontory near my neighborhood.


However a photographer should keep their head on a swivel.  You never know what might be going on behind you.


September 4, 2008

Lucky you live…

There are several expressions you’ll hear in Hawaii. Lucky you live in Hawaii is repeated when we see people struggling in hip deep snow in the midwest or sliding down an icy street in the southwest. Plus we’ve been fortunate not to get pummeled by hurricanes like the Gulf Coast and eastern seaboard. Sitting above Makapuu Lookout waiting for my hang gliding friends to fly by I considered myself lucky indeed


July 25, 2008

Layered Landscape

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I don’t recall which magazine I saw the tip in (PopPhoto,Shutterbug,or Outdoor)but one of them used the phrase “layered landscape”. The idea being to how to show depth in your image. This was in relation to color but I think shadow works too.

View of Waimanalo Beach

View of Waimanalo Beach

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