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November 20, 2011

How they do that

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If you’re a fan of Hawaii Five-O in it’s current form you’ve seen those flyover sequences of Oahu.  Several times I’ve seen the helicopter flying over Oahu that films them.  I was at Makapuu in January when the Paradise helicopter flew past.  This shot  shows the helicopter moving around the Makapuu Lighthouse.  Just under the nose is the housing containing the camera

How they do that


March 25, 2011

A use for slideshow feature

On Wednesday of this week a powerline started a brush fire near my home in East Honolulu.  The fire burned high on a ridge and needed a helicopter to drop water on it. The helicopter fills a large container slung from the craft by dropping it in a nearby water source.  In our case, a saltwater canal. After dropping water multiple times,  one particular drop right over high tension lines caused a spectacularly bright and loud short.  I got a nice sequence of shots from the moment the water touched the lines until the end of the short.  I could post one of the shots in the sequence but this event calls for the ability to view the entire moment.  For the first time I’ve got a reason to use the slideshow feature on the blog!

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December 2, 2010

Lifting Off

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Lifting Off

October 11, 2008

Mama Needs a Drobo!

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Friends, Fellow photo enthusiasts,Country Men/Women lend me your mouse click. The current TWIP photo assignment contest is YELLOW. The winna receives a Drobo.

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