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July 11, 2015


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May 12, 2014

Buzzing By in Black and White

Hang Gliding has been a catch as catch can this year. Most of the time the wind has either been too strong, too light, then add rain. Sunday was light and north . Good enough for a fly by at launch.


Buzzing By in BW

October 7, 2013

Summer Squall

Summer Squall

Talk about take it and forget it.   I grabbed a series of shots for a panorama of this rain squall over Kaneohe on a July day in 2011.

August 13, 2012

Which do you prefer?

Lightroom makes it very easy to give an image a dizzying number of treatments in color, black and white, sepia, two tone and cross process styles. Even better they can all be virtual. Existing only within Lightroom until you decide to export an image to the preferred file format. Occasionally I’ll play with an image in Lightroom to see if I can find a more eye catching version.

I created a sequence shot of a friend of mine taking off in his hang glider.  I’ve made these before but not recently since I’m usually helping them launch.

Brant floats away colorBrant floats away black and white

I had a hard time finding a satisfactory B&W because of the ground clutter in the background.  The different styles didn’t separate his body enough from the background.  I have a sense of depth in the color version that I couldn’t find in B&W. I’m conscience of a person seeing the image for the first time and being confused about what’s going on.  Especially since it’s a sequence photo.

So which do your prefer? Color or Black and White. Thumbs up  Thumbs down

November 25, 2008

Lightroom Tip

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Lightroom allows for a couple of easy ways to create a Black and White. You can do a simple desaturate of the color channels or go gray scale. Either way, after you’ve got the image the way you want it. Take one more step and play with the White Balance slider. You can coax a slightly different look out of an image.

Photo on right is before White Balance adjustment

Photo on right is before White Balance adjustment

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