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August 13, 2012

Which do you prefer?

Lightroom makes it very easy to give an image a dizzying number of treatments in color, black and white, sepia, two tone and cross process styles. Even better they can all be virtual. Existing only within Lightroom until you decide to export an image to the preferred file format. Occasionally I’ll play with an image in Lightroom to see if I can find a more eye catching version.

I created a sequence shot of a friend of mine taking off in his hang glider.  I’ve made these before but not recently since I’m usually helping them launch.

Brant floats away colorBrant floats away black and white

I had a hard time finding a satisfactory B&W because of the ground clutter in the background.  The different styles didn’t separate his body enough from the background.  I have a sense of depth in the color version that I couldn’t find in B&W. I’m conscience of a person seeing the image for the first time and being confused about what’s going on.  Especially since it’s a sequence photo.

So which do your prefer? Color or Black and White. Thumbs up  Thumbs down

January 4, 2009

Printed snapshots vanishing?

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As printed snapshots vanish, we’re losing more than shoe boxes full of mementos – The Boston Globe.

The above article notes the loses and gains of digital photography. I tend to agree with those photographers who feel you haven’t actually created a photo until you’ve printed it. Indeed this is why I like digital. I can take the picture, process it, and then print it on my own printer. If I had an unlimited budget my walls would be covered with prints. Cost restrains me. 😦
Unlike the writer I’ve never particularly liked having to wait to get my prints back from the photo lab. I see no virtue in waiting to find that some number of the printed photos were junk and shouldn’t have been printed in the first place.
I do enjoy being able to post my pictures for the enjoyment of others and see other photos in return.

What about you?

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