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March 21, 2012

Just a fun shot

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Just a fun shot

March 13, 2012

Moon Glider

From a few years back I got this shot of a friend of mine flying his hang glider past the moon


Moon Glider

March 12, 2012

Beach Day

This is a pic I got almost three years ago.  As you can see it was a beautiful day.  We’d recently gotten a lot of rain.  You can see the effects of the runoff with the slightly discolored water along the beach in the lower left.  The trade shower is about to drop its water on the Marine Corps Base.  Last Tuesday the Base got pummeled with an intense Lightning storm that dropped hail on the base and on Kailua.  A funnel cloud formed just about where this trade shower is in the pic.  It came ashore at Lanikai and voila it becomes a 25 yard wide tornado and went inland a couple of miles before falling apart in Kailua.

Beach Day

March 10, 2012

Nagaoka Fireworks 2

Here’s another picture from last Sundays fireworks.  I noticed at the time the delicate nature of these aerial fireworks.  These were not the typical 4th of July Rock and Roll booming light and sound show. More like a piano concerto.

 Nagaoka Fireworks 2

March 8, 2012

Hawaiian Scottish Festival

March 31st and April 1st the Hawaiian Scottish Festival makes it’s annual return to Kapiolani Park. Two days celebrating all things Scot.

Open Mens and Womens athlete competitions: Saturday

Masters: Sunday

Kilted Mile (run): Sunday

Housewife Games: Sunday

Highland Dance Competition: Saturday and Sunday

The Festival features:

  • Highland games and athletics, men’s and women’s competition prizes (;earn about the history of the Games).
  • Highland Dance competition.
  • Entertainment including piping, music, song and dance
  • A gathering of Clans from around Hawaii, as well as from the mainland, to display information pertinent to themselves, and invite other members of the clan to join them
  • Demonstrations of swordplay, weaving, and fencing
  • Vendors featuring wear, Celtic clothing, jewelry, musical instruments, houseware, etc.
  • Food Vendors offering traditional Scottish fare and more (yes, even haggis!)

Scottish Festival

March 7, 2012

Nagaoka Fireworks 1

The fireworks are on two barges and the best viewing angle is from the front. Since I didn’t want to walk that far into Waikiki I went over to the lagoon at the Hilton Hawaiian.  Watching it from the side with the wind blowing offshore gave me some neat effects with a long exposure.

Nagaoka Fireworks 1

March 6, 2012

Nagaoka Fireworks

The Honolulu Festival took place last weekend (the first weekend of March). On Sunday, the Festival has a parade on Kalakaua Ave through Waikiki with the performers giving there best for the crowds.  It’s a great opportunity to get pictures of the performers.  If you plan to be on Oahu in March 2013 schedule some time to see it.  This year to end the Festival a fireworks display from Nagaoka, Japan took place. To quote from an interview about the fireworks

 “The Nagaoka Fireworks Festival is well known for the spectacular "Sanjaku-dama." The diameter of the shell is about one meter (39 inches) and it is shot 600 meters into the sky. I think that the Nagaoka sanjaku-dama is the largest single firework in Japan. But it’s not just the mere size that is spectacular but the techniques that are used to create and to shoot up this firework. We have wonderful fireworks specialists that live and work in Nagaoka. And they in turn pass on their trade to their apprentices. This trade is a special tradition of Nagaoka. We are very proud.”

For more info here’s an interview with Mr. Kazuo Nizawa, vice chairman of the Executive Committee for Developing a Bridge of Friendship between Japan and USA prior to last years festival Honolulu Festival

I watched it from the beach at the Hilton Hawaiian Lagoon beach.  It gave me a side on view of the fireworks. I’ll post more over the next few days.


Nagaoka Fireworks

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