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March 25, 2011

A use for slideshow feature

On Wednesday of this week a powerline started a brush fire near my home in East Honolulu.  The fire burned high on a ridge and needed a helicopter to drop water on it. The helicopter fills a large container slung from the craft by dropping it in a nearby water source.  In our case, a saltwater canal. After dropping water multiple times,  one particular drop right over high tension lines caused a spectacularly bright and loud short.  I got a nice sequence of shots from the moment the water touched the lines until the end of the short.  I could post one of the shots in the sequence but this event calls for the ability to view the entire moment.  For the first time I’ve got a reason to use the slideshow feature on the blog!

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March 21, 2011

Surf with a view

Surf with a view

March 18, 2011

Two Squalls

Two Squalls

March 11, 2011

Next Day

For the second time in  13 months Hawaii dodged a Tsunami bullet.  Last year it was an earthquake off the coast of Chile.  This time a terrible earthquake off Japan made for anxious hours in the Sandwich Isles.  Unlike last year, we didn’t come thru completely unscathed.  State estimates tsunami damage at $3 million or more but that’s just a scratch compared to Japan’s troubles.  This afternoon I got up Kamehame Ridge.  As usual the view was beautiful and only someone with a practiced eye would notice the additional Tsunami induced swirl of sand out in Waimanalo Bay.


 Next Day

P.S. For you Magnum PI fans please note the Robin Masters Estate in the lower right hand corner of this pic with the old turtle pond in front.

March 7, 2011

Circle of Light

Circle of Light

March 6, 2011

Having Fun

A friend of mine took a picture of herself recently and I saw some possibilities for having fun with lightroom presets. This emulates a Kodak film Porta VC 160 along with edits to the tone curve to create a negative image.   You can create your own presets or download ones for free or purchase them from other enterprising photographers such as Gavin Seim .  You can quickly go thru dozens of presets looking for just the right one.  I chose this one because it shows her eyes and eyebrows nicely.  Catwoman eyes! Enjoy!


Tony Neg Kodak1

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