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April 27, 2010

Taking Off

For the first time in several months we finally had a weekend of good weather for Hang Gliding.  I’ve been going back to hang glider launches I’ve photographed previously looking for candidates for creating a sequence shot.  It’s a technique of shooting a series of images combined into one image to show the subject captured in successive motion. When I took launch shots I hadn’t done it with the intent of creating a sequence image. Here was a chance to do it from scratch.  To take the images you need a tripod and a photo editing program to combine the images.  If you’d like to learn how to create one, the SanDisk Extreme Team has a video describing the process on their Facebook page.

 Taking off

April 23, 2010

View from Aloha Tower



View from Aloha Tower

April 19, 2010

Infrared Trees

Other than the cost of living, there aren’t too many downsides to living in Hawaii.  However, after growing up in New England, I do miss the season changes.  I tend to feel left out when the different photo sites run a contest based on the season. Spring being the current subject for photo submissions.  This musing was prompted by my going thru some photos I took while visiting  Moanalua Gardens three years ago.  Monkey Pod trees are the big draw and standing under the canopy of the trees provided some interesting textures to play with.  Using one of the Lightroom presets I created a what if fall came to Oahu look.


Infrared Trees

April 18, 2010

Kapiolani Park

Last Saturday morning I went to Kapiolani Park for the Hawaiian Scottish Festival. The two day event started that morning and I went to see what photo opportunities I could find.  Kapiloani is a large space just a frisbee throw from Waikiki Beach.  It’s almost in constant use with organized games of soccer, rugby, and baseball.  Netball had an international tournament in 2006 in the park.  With so much room a family can picnic there with no worries an errant soccer ball will land in the pupus.


Saturday Morning at Kapiolani Park

April 6, 2010

When’s a Panorama not a Panorama

When it’s square after your crop it down.  This one is made up of 15 photos to encompass the cloud formations over Kanehoe.


Square Panorama

April 3, 2010

When only a panorama will do

Last August waiting for my hang gliding friends to land at the Kaupo Beach LZ there were some great cloud formations to the north of us.  However, it just couldn’t be captured in one shot.


Kaupo Beach Panorama

April 1, 2010

Hawaiian Canoe Racing season

   From time to time I’ll be on Kamehame Ridge helping my Hang Gliding friends launch themselves into the sky.   Eleven hundred feet below me the faint sounds of outrigger canoe paddlers grunting out their cadence reach me as the paddlers and support boats move across Waimanalo Bay.  It’s one of the long distant races to challenge the stamina of both Men and Women. If you want to watch the 2010 races , this link will connect you to the schedule OHCRA 2010 Regatta Details.   Here’s a photo from my vantage point on the ridge of the 42nd Annual Duke Kahanamoku Race last August.  I have two things working against me in taking these shots.  First I’m hand holding my zoom lens (the sensor stabilization in the A700 only goes so far) second the lens is for a full frame camera on an APS-C size sensor and some of my shots get soft and diffracted.




42nd Annual Duke Kahanamoku Race

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