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May 16, 2009

Camera Repairmen

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This week the Shuttle Atlantis is making a house call to the Hubble telescope to, among other things replace some cameras. They are not your typical point-and-shoot cameras. Here, courtesy Phil Plait, are Ten things you don’t know about Hubble



What appears to be a number of astronauts, because of the shiny mirror-like surface of the temporarily-captured Hubble Space Telescope, is actually only two — astronauts John Grunsfeld (left) and Andew Feustel. The mission specialists are performing the first of five STS-125 spacewalks and the first of three for this duo. Photo credit: NASA

May 15, 2009

A comfortable perch

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Posts have been scarce lately due in part to a work schedule putting a crimp on available time.  Plus the recent winter here in Hawaii hasn’t presented a lot of photo ops.  Yes we have winter here.  Typically it tends to be more overcast with rainy periods and strong trades.  On a recent day my hang gliding friends got in a flight for the first time in weeks.  After landing at Waimanalo Beach we found a new flight companion joined us.

Comfortable Perch

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