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February 26, 2009

Crashing Surf

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Crashing Surf at Makapuu

February 19, 2009

College Baseball is about to start!!!

Moment before the tag

This Friday is the opening weekend for college baseball in Hawaii. The University of Hawai`i baseball team opens its 2009 season this weekend (Feb. 20-22) when it hosts UC Irvine on Friday at 6:35 p.m., Saturday at 1:05 p.m. (doubleheader), and Sunday at 1:05 p.m.

If your in the area it’s inexpensive entertainment. The most you’ll spend is $8 per person for a ticket to get in. The food is good and cheap and the seats are brand new. What more could you want outa life!
Well some good pics would be nice!

February 17, 2009

Great time for Windsurfing

The weather recently in Hawaii has included very strong trades.  Making for ideal opportunities for windsurfing.  By windsurfing I mean Kiteboarding and Sailboarding.  Which you do depends on if you want to keep your feet firmly planted on the water.  On Oahu, you can go to Mokuleia on the North Shore or Kailua Beach on the Windward side.


Windsurfing at Kailua Beach

February 14, 2009

Now a shameless plug for Hawaii Tourism

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Driving around the eastern end of Oahu gives you a lot of great spots to view the coast of Oahu and across the Molokai Channel to Molokai and West Maui.  This time of the year the lookouts are filled with people hoping to see whales cavorting in the local waters.  You might see a small geyser of water spraying into the air as a whale exhales through its’ blowhole.    When the surf is kicking up you can see a geological blowhole in action at the Blowhole lookout. I took this photo recently from nearby Sandy Beach.


February 12, 2009

Remembered Fisherman

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Remembered Fisherman

February 9, 2009

Arched Clouds

Arch of clouds

February 5, 2009

360 POV

This evening was a Sunset Photo Op.  I got some nice ones from the Koko Head promontory near my neighborhood.


However a photographer should keep their head on a swivel.  You never know what might be going on behind you.


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