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December 15, 2008

What a way to spend your Honeymoon

I mentioned in my last post the Japanese are great participators. This year I saw several couples dressed as wedding couples. I guess if you can finish a marathon together you can stick together thru just about anything. Plus it’s one long trash your wedding dress opportunity.
This years marathon started off in rain. Fortunately it stopped after an hour or so. By the time the bulk of the runners came thru my Hawaii Kai neighborhood the skies cleared and gave us a few hours of sunny weather.
I got into a conversation with one of the event photographers. These are the guys you see clicking away as the runners go by. Fred told me he can snap upwards of eight thousand pictures for an event. My poor digitus secundus! Can you imagine the work it requires to view all those pics times the number of photographers. Just thinking about keying in the bib numbers gives me carpal tunnel. They must use a heavy duty Digital Asset Management program for the process.

Thousands overcome obstacles to finish 2008 Hawaii marathon | | The Honolulu Advertiser.

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