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August 31, 2008

Roz Rows the Pacific

I’ve been following the adventures of Roz Savage as she rows across the Pacific. The Voyage She’s just a few miles from her stop in Oahu. Currently Roz is in the Molokai Channel between the east end of Oahu and west end of Molokai.

The weather is good and the trades are light. It shouldn’t be a bad row thru the channel. We have canoe and paddle board races from Molokai to Oahu and the seas can get rough and then there’s the natural current.

Just before sunset I drove up Kamehame Ridge with the slight hope I might see something. No luck. Unless one of those intermittent white caps included her boat on the crest!

I posted some shots I took at sunset on Flickr

August 29, 2008

Professional Jealousy

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Jealousy is an ugly thing. Especially when your jealous of the shots another photographer gets. Take a moment to see this series of photos by Jason Hawkes of London at night.
London from above

August 28, 2008

Digital Magazine Rack

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Keeping up with all things Photography can be a chore. I didn’t know there was a site called Shutter Sisters, for instance. Especially when you try to keep a well rounded view of the world. I cringe every time Leno does his person on the street quiz. (Are we really that clueless?Yikes!)

Here’s a information aggregator to look at called ALLTOP. They describe it as aggregation without aggravation. This link takes you to the photography section but they have sections from ADHD to Yoga.

We have a Winnah

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flowers say aloha

Originally uploaded by finches_50

Congratulations to finches 50. Her photo was picked as the keeper from the Honolulu Photo walk. The ” photo revealed a beautiful, thoughtful and intriguing look at what makes Hawaii so special – our people. ”

It’s all good.

August 27, 2008

Classic Cameras and Modern Sensibilities

I grew up using cameras off and on. I still have my fathers Minolta SR-T 101 and Maxxum 3000i. I wish I had digital growing up. The instant feedback would have encouraged me more. There are other people who’ve grown up with digital with a different attitude. In this Months Shutterbug magazine is S.”Frtiz” Takeda’s article on the 30th Tokyo Used Camera Show. (no link available) Takeda found the younger generation had an appreciation for the analog/manual cameras. In the sidebar column Takeda presented the viewpoint of younger women who have grown up immersed in the digital world. Unlike me, one woman didn’t like the instant feedback. It spoiled a sense of expectation! Would the camera manufacturers consider making a throwback camera to cater to this group?

August 26, 2008


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Over at TWIP they are running a new Photo assignment called Circles. Here’s my entry

Vote for my photo! Mahalo!vote

If you want to participate, Here’s the link
TWIP Photo Assignment

August 25, 2008

Fishing at Ala Moana Beach

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A daily feature this time of the year is a line of fisherman standing hip deep. They are trying to catch from schools of running halalu and the ‘oama.

Fishing Hook

Fishing Hook

Halalu running: Catch them if you can | The Honolulu Advertiser | Hawaii’s Newspaper.

August 23, 2008

Photo Walk Honolulu

A good time photo walking was had by all around Ala Moana Beach Park on Saturday August 23rd. Typical morning around here. With strong trades pushing the clouds out from the Ko’olau Mountains. The sun was in and out. The big activity was the Honolulu Chinese Jaycees – Dragon Boat Races going on this weekend. Almost 30 people attended and about half stayed for lunch at the Big City Diner. Plus we watched the Waipio Little League team beat Louisiana in the semifinal! Not a bad morning. Here’s a picture of one of the walkers watching a line of fisherman near the beach.

Photo Walker at Ala Moana Beach Park

Photo Walker at Ala Moana Beach Park

August 22, 2008

Have you Heard About…?

I know many of us grumble about Microsoft but that doesn’t mean MS isn’t doing interesting things. Check out this recent post from Mary Joe Foley’s blog at ZDNET

Six surprising things about Microsoft’s PhotoSynth by ZDNet‘s Mary Jo Foley — PhotoSynth, Microsoft’s photo-stitching technology from the company’s Live Labs division, is out of beta and is now a version 1.0 shipping product. If I had to choose the six things that most surprised/impressed me about PhotoSynth, this would be my list.

You can see a demo of it by it’s creator here

August 18, 2008

Halona Coast

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Last week Barack Obama returned to Oahu for a short vacation. One day he came out to the Halona Coast. Stopping at the Blow Hole to remember his mother before catching a few waves at Sandys. Obama catches some waves at Sandys on Hawaii vacation | | The Honolulu Advertiser.

Just up from the Blow Hole is Halona Point. A favorite fishing spot for local fisherman. It can also be a dangerous place for fisherman who don’t pay attention for large waves that can suddenly appear and sweep them away. In recognition of that possibility the fisherman placed a small statue of a deity at the top of the cliff. The fisherman leave offerings before climbing down to the fishing spot.

A statue of the fisherman's deity at Halona Point

A statue of the fisherman's deity at Halona Point

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